# Contribute to QloApps

# Code Enhancement

As a PHP developer who has a great command on not only PHP but also MySQL and also knows how to use Git and GitHub efficiently you can contribute to code enhancements via pull requests.

# Current Feature Enhancement

The first thing that can be done in enhancing the current features of the system. if you feel there is a scope of improvement in any current feature of the system then just send us the pull request with your enhanced codes.

The team will review it and if everything is up to the mark then it will be merged with the main branch.

In QloApps we follow a modular approach to bring in functionalities into the system. The system has native modules that are there in the installer.

You can improve these modules to improve the features of the system.

# Addition To A New Feature

Now we are referring to the addition of new native modules.

Any system can never have all the features that satisfy the needs of every business out there. And we all have a different mindset. So you can always think of a feature that is not there in the system.

Again we will need your pull requests on Github. And if everything is fine we will merge your request into the main branch.

# Bug Fixing

The beauty of being an open-source software is that anyone who knows to code can improve your code.

We always try that keep the system a much bug free as we can. But still, if there is any left and you have resolved it then send it to us.

Again we are using the Github PR system to take the bug fixings.

# Optimization

If you have an idea to make the system more optimized and you can make the system work better then its time to make a pull request at the QloApps Github repository.

The better-written code the better is the software performance.

# Report Security Issues

One of the most attractive things about an open-source solution is its security. If you find a loophole in the system security then it is very necessary to answer it.

Please make sure that as it will be a great help for the community.

But before you make a public announcement of the security issue make sure that you first inform the QloApps here (opens new window) so that we can act on it to avoid as damage as we can.

# Testing

# Bug Reporting

Bugless development is impossible we can just try to leave as minimum bugs in the system as we can. At QloApps also we try our best to make the system free of bugs.

Every release goes through a process of quality analysis before reaching you. But as we know it is a huge software with a lot of code files, there is a possibility that there is any bug left.

So we need you to report any bug you find in the system to our QA Team. Our team will check the bug and find the best possible solution to resolve it.

You can report a bug either on our Github repository or on our Forum (opens new window).

# Implementing Testing Tools

We have implemented Travis and unit testing in QloApps. But you can also contribute to setting up more tools like Travis and Unit testing in QloApps.