# Upgrade

With changing industry scenarios and community needs, QloApps keeps evolving and new versions are launched periodically. It is therefore important to keep upgrading for better security, stability, performance and new features.

You can upgrade your current installation of QloApps to the latest available (opens new window) using our freely available upgrade module QloApps 1-Click Auto Upgrade (opens new window).

The complete documentation of this module is available at https://qloapps.com/qloapps-1-click-auto-upgrade (opens new window).

# Compatibility

  • Your current installation version must be 1.4.0 or higher.

  • Your server must be using PHP v5.6 or higher.


Please note the following before performing an upgrade:

  • Create a manual backup of QloApps files and folders and its database.

  • All customizations will be lost during upgrade.

  • Read the upgrade module documentation thoroughly from the given link.