# Techinical Architechture

# Technical Stack

  • View End: HTML, CSS, JS
  • Language Used: PHP
  • Database: MySQL, XML
  • Template Engine: Smarty
  • Technology: JavaQuery, SASS, Bootstrap

# MVC (Model–View–Controller)

MVC (opens new window) is a software design pattern containing three main logical components.

Each of these parts is worked to deal with explicit advancement parts of an application. MVC is one of the most habitually utilized industry-standard web improvement systems to make adaptable and extensible systems.

# Model

The Model part compares to all the data-related logics that the client works with. This can communicate to either the data that is being moved between the View and Controller segments or some other business logic-related data. For instance, a Customer object will recover the client data from the database, control it and update its data back to the database or use it to deliver data.

# View

The View part is utilized for all the UI logics of the application. For instance, the customer view will incorporate all the UI segments, for example, text boxes, dropdowns, and so on that the last client interfaces with.

# Controller

Controllers go about as an interface between Model and View segments to handle all the business logics and approaching solicitations, control data utilizing the Model segment and cooperate with the Views to deliver the last yield.

For instance, the Customer controller will deal with all the cooperations and contributions from the Customer View and update the database utilizing the Customer Model. A similar controller will be utilized to see the Customer data.